Student Advisory


The Newman Advisory system is perhaps one of the most important forms of teacher-student interaction at Newman.

Newman Advisory System

  • Students are given an advisor to help them acclimate to the Newman curriculum and community.
  • Faculty Advisors meet with small advisory groups of 6 or 7 students regularly. These advisors serve as the first line of communication with the school in matters pertaining to academics and social interaction. Students may choose their advisors after year one.
  • Advisors become a critical asset for students in the college application process.  
  • Advisors serve as a student's advocate, liason and mentor and develop a deep relationships.

My strongest memories of Newman are of friends, teachers and the city of Boston itself. Attending such a small school and going through IB Program together created an amazing community in which to learn. I have met many students in college who have no connection to their high schools. The Newman Community will always be a very important part of my life. I enjoy visiting  the school when I am in Boston.  I keep up with my Newman friends from all over the world. These are really special friendships.

Newman ' 11
Clark University '15