Student Advisory


A low student to teacher ratio enables Newman students to maximize their access to a highly credentialed, experienced Newman faculty. The Newman Advisory system is perhaps one of the most important forms of teacher-student interaction at Newman.

The Basics of the Advisory System

  • Students are given an advisor to help them acclimate to the rigors of Newman curriculum, but may choose their advisor after their first year
  • Faculty Advisors meet with small advisory groups of 6 or 7 students on a bi-weekly basis to discuss issues that affect themselves and the Newman population.  These advisors serve as the first line of communication with the school in matters pertaining to academics and social interaction
  • Chosen by students after their first year, Advisors become a critical asset for students in the college application process.  The depth of the relationship between student and teacher enables faculty to delve more deeply as they write about this student for  college recommendation letters
  • Students utilize Advisors are their advocates while at Newman
  • Bi-weekly group meetings are supported by individual student/advisor individual meetings throughout the year, during office, lunch and study hall hours

My strongest memories of Newman are of friends, teachers and the city of Boston itself. Attending such a small school and going through IB Program together created an amazing community in which to learn. I have met many students in college who have no connection to their high schools. The Newman Community will always be a very important part of my life. I enjoy visiting  the school when I am in Boston.  I keep up with my Newman friends from all over the world. These are really special friendships.

Newman ' 11
Clark University '15