The Newman School is dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe environment in which all community members value and respect each other’s unique qualities and contributions. We are committed to nurturing a learning environment where the principles of dignity, equity, and justice are an essential part of our culture and daily life. We encourage the exploration of independence and interdependence as we affirm our promise to honor individuality, celebrate our differences, and embrace our connections with each other and the global community.

A Sense of Belonging

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  • The House System

Designed to generate a sense of belonging and spirit throughout a diverse student body, the House System gives students of wide-ranging interests and backgrounds a sense of tradition and membership in the collective Newman student body, past and present.

Throughout the year, students in these Houses become a close-knit community, jointly competing against other Houses in academic, artistic, and athletic competitions. Since Newman draws students from around the world and every walk of life, Houses offer students lessons in collaboration, cooperation, and leadership.

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  • How it Works

    Every student at Newman is placed into one of four houses: Clarendon House, Dartmouth House, Exeter House, and Fairfield House, each with its own distinct character, shaped by the personalities of its membership and its leaders. Each house has close involvement with its house faculty, and bears its own colors, slogan, and symbol.

    These are tight communities, evolving each year with the new students aligned with the group. Allegiance runs deep to the House and, ultimately the school at large, as a source for life-long identification.

    Leadership is rewarded through prefect positions. Houses are led by students who lead by example and support the school values.

Sam, The Newman School, Clark University

My strongest memories of Newman are of friends, teachers and the city of Boston. Attending a small school and going through the IB Program together created an amazing community in which to learn. I met many students in college who have no connection to their high schools. The Newman Community will always be a very important part of my life. I enjoy visiting the school when I am in Boston and keep up with my Newman friends from all over the world. These are really special friendships.

Student-Teacher Interaction

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  • Structured Advisory Support

  • Students are given an advisor to help them acclimate to the Newman curriculum and community.

  • Advisors meet with small advisory groups of 6 or 7 students regularly. These advisors serve as the first line of communication with the school in matters pertaining to academics and social interaction. Students may choose their advisors after year one.

  • Advisors serve as a student's advocate, liason, and mentor and develop deep relationships.
Newman provides opportunity for students from broadly diverse backgrounds to pursue serious studies in a welcoming and supportive environment where self and community are paramount.