College Counseling


Newman School students prepare for the college process gradually in ninth and tenth grade through the principles of the IB Curriculum.  Our students start to establish the organizational skills, personal responsibility and academic focus that lead them toward a successful college search process, strong acceptances and a rewarding college experience.

The Newman School's College Counseling Program:

  • Experienced counselors and faculty.
  • Small community; we know our students.
  • Educational Programming from higher education leaders.
  • In-person visits and presentations from College Admission Representatives.
  • Online resources and data to track dynamic Admission trends.
  • Flexible school culture that allows students to pursue their passions.
  • Relationships with many competitive colleges and universities.

 At Newman we encourage students to look toward their college futures and offer an array of resources designed to help them find a successful school match. Our resources include seasoned college counselors, a wealth of printed and online tools such as Naviance, and informational workshops on the college discovery process. 

The small size of our school enables our counseling staff to better know each student as an individual and provide skilled guidance toward the best college matches. We leave the door open for all students, from their first year forward, to find out more about their college choices and the opportunities available to them. It is a student-centered approach that helps Newman students to find both greater satisfaction and success in their college years.


Important Dates for College Planning

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Through Naviance, an internet-based planning and data-management program, Newman offers parents and students a range of tools to work at home.  Students have access to resources like SAT preparation, college research knowledge and college comparisons, resume-creation help – even a calendar for tracking of college visits


Navigating the extraordinarily complex college choice landscape can be daunting to take on for students and families.  From the exams and essays through the choice options, applications and financial aid, the Newman School provides students, from their first steps into our school, with the tools and the internal  and external resources they need to make the right choices with confidence.

The school’s size plays to each student’s favor; our college counseling staff, administration and teachers maintain an open door policy toward our students.  Smaller class sizes offer time for more individual attention to each student, and the school’s reputation among top tier universities enables us to provide a solid foundation for selection.