The Newman School offers a rigorous traditional liberal arts curriculum in preparation for the academic demands of college.  Steeped in an academic philosophy based on critical thinking, students are encouraged to reach beyond simple answers to the root of the subject, developing the reasoning skills that fuel academic success. 


Students are challenged to strive forward toward academic excellence, social consciousness, integrity and independence within an atmosphere of high standards and expectations.  Through interdisciplinary learning, students make important connections between their learning and their world, a process of discovery that encourages thinking of depth and purpose. 


In addition to a traditional curriculum, The Newman School offers an International Baccalaureate degree program that students may take advantage of in their junior and senior years.  Students in both programs benefit from a range of diverse elective options as they take advantage of all that the school offers, including athletics, community service opportunities, clubs and academic teams.

I believe there are three elements to being a good teacher:

know your subject profoundly well

be continually fascinated by your subjects

care about your students and about their learning

The wonder of the subject matter that I feel is contagious.


Dr. Bob Hall, IB Physics and Mathematics Instructor

Academic News

National History Day
Gayle Schafer

Three Newman students receive honorable mention in this year's National History Day competition.