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  • Student support through process, not product

    The goal of Student Success Center is to cultivate “self-directed learners.” This means that students are supported in learning how to self-advocate, seek help, and take responsibility for their own workload. Our primary population are students with diagnosed learning differences/challenges, but our center will be open to any student seeking academic support.

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  • Teacher Support

    For students who are struggling and/or have diagnosed learning challenges.
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  • Student Success Plans

    Students in our program each have a Formalized Plan Document
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  • Parent Communication

    Support team members will share the accommodations and/or modifications list with the parents and answer any questions about them.
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  • Learning Support

    For students needing extra “out-of-class” support.
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Meet the SSC Team

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  • Photo of Ezra Werb

    Ezra Werb 

    Director of Student Success

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    David Pedreschi 

    Assistant Director of Student Success

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    Laura Lee Bahr 

    Student Success Specialist

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  • Photo of Rebecca Witte

    Rebecca Witte 

    School Counselor
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