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  • Visual Arts

Visual art at Newman is directly tied to engaging students where they are and helping them develop their unique artistic voice. Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and a project-based approach. Skill building is emphasized along with creativity, experimentation, and being self reflective about our process in the studio.

Newman’s international focus and Boston’s vibrant historic and contemporary art scenes inform students' investigations of various art media and movements. Walking to visit area murals and sculptures as well as trips to the Institute of Contemporary Art and Museum of Fine Arts are part of the student experience.

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  • Groups + Experience

    MYP Visual Art 7&8 Grades

    MYP Visual Art Electives- Offered to Grades 9 and 10

    Students gain experience with artistic research, sustained investigation, creation, and reflection. This can involve collage making, using the relief press, drawing in chalk, colored pencil, and using watercolor and acrylic paints, to name a few. 
  • Course Work

    IB DP I Art

    IB DP 2 Art

    Students grow and solidify their artistic skills and practice. Grounding their studio work in an art vocabulary and in historical and contemporary conversations around artists, movements, and the understanding that art is above all else a tool for communication. An emphasis on global and diverse perspectives underpins student research. Written analysis and reflection accompanies studio practice. This is a portfolio-based class that culminates in a student-designed art exhibition during the spring of year two.

    Independent Study and student-designed collaborative public art projects.

    Students have designed interactive pieces and collaborative works to live permanently in and out of Newman. There are a variety of ways to receive academic credit for this work. Touring the school, you can see several examples of these permanent art pieces.

Sofia '26

This is an environment ready to accept you the way you are."

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    William Chambers 

    Visual Art Teacher and Grades 9-10 Dean
Newman provides opportunity for students from broadly diverse backgrounds to pursue serious studies in a welcoming and supportive environment where self and community are paramount.