From the very beginning of their  school experience, Newman students are engaged in the process of becoming educated adults through their interaction with the exciting environment of one of the world’s greatest cities, Boston. A recent graduate reflected that Newman is “not high school, it is really a little university.” The Back Bay Neighborhood, which is our home, is truly the heart of Boston, often referred to as “the Athens of America.”The Boston Public Library is our library, the Charles River Esplanade is our home cross-country course, the Charles River itself is the venue for our crew teams. Our students attend lectures by visiting scholars, and regularly visit museums such as The Isabella Stewart Gardner and the Museum of Fine Arts.

John Henry Cardinal Newman noted that a great city attracts the best minds, the greatest art, the most important political thinkers. He knew that education was about much more than the communication of facts: it was about helping the student to become a fully human person, ready to make their own contribution in life. At Newman, we will challenge you to grow, both intellectually and personally. We care what sort of person you will become, and we passionately believe that you have a contribution to make. We are certain that, for you to make that contribution, you need to learn to challenge yourself, to lead others, and to learn from others.

At Newman, you will meet people from all over the world. Like you, they come to Boston in order to become a part of something great, and to prepare to make their own contributions. Sports, activities, community service, the friendship and support of teachers who care for you and are passionate about learning: these are all integral parts of the Newman experience. We are a college-preparatory school, and a broad selection of course work helps students to demonstrate their capability for success in colleges and universities. Currently Newman alumni are enrolled at such schools as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts, Cornell, Columbia,  Brown, Duke, Boston University, Worcester Polytechnical, Brandeis, College of the Holy Cross, Boston College, Connecticut College, University of Michigan, McGill University, and the University of Southern California.

Whether you are an International Student interested in earning the IB Bilingual Diploma,  an American student interested in The International Baccalaureate Program or  a student  interested in earning a  Newman  School high school diploma at one of Boston's best private schools,we hope your visit to our web page will lead you to visit Newman!

J. Harry Lynch

And as much as The Newman School draws its identity from the City of Boston; in many ways, this city is becoming more like The Newman School.

It’s inclusive: bringing together young people from every neighborhood of Boston and every country of the world.

 It’s international: not just by welcoming students from abroad, but by engaging its curriculum with an ever-more-integrated global society.

 And it’s innovative: whether in art or in aeronautics, you are expanding the boundaries of what a high school education can be.

Martin J. Walsh
Newman Class of  1986
Mayor of Boston