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Faculty and staff at The Newman School are dedicated to providing students with the confidence, skills, and passion to think critically and positively impact the community.

List of 52 members.

  • Photo of Mazen Abdellah

    Mazen Abdellah 

    English Teacher, Extended Essay Coordinator
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  • Photo of Leen Abuzir

    Leen Abuzir 

    Biology Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 165
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  • Photo of Melissa Bacon

    Melissa Bacon 

    Director of Enrollment Management
    617-267-4530 x 169
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  • Photo of Laura Lee Bahr

    Laura Lee Bahr 

    Student Success Specialist
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  • Photo of Luca Brancolini

    Luca Brancolini 

    Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher
    617-267-4530 157
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  • Photo of William Chambers

    William Chambers 

    Visual Art Teacher and Grades 9-10 Dean
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  • Photo of Mariya Chokova

    Mariya Chokova 

    French and Spanish Teacher
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  • Photo of Mikal de la Mata Cruz

    Mikal de la Mata Cruz 

    Spanish Teacher
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  • Photo of Kevin DeCosta

    Kevin DeCosta 

    Director of Academic Operations and Planning, Registrar
    617-267-4530 x 100
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  • Photo of Catalina Espinosa

    Catalina Espinosa 

    World Languages Department Chair, Spanish Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 167
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  • Photo of Elizabeth Esposito

    Elizabeth Beth Esposito 

    History and Social Sciences Chair, MYP Coordinator
    617-267-4530 x 176
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  • Photo of Ellen Fisher

    Ellen Fisher 

    Economics Teacher
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  • Photo of Wes Goldsberry

    Wes Goldsberry 

    World Religions and Theory of Knowledge Teacher
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  • Photo of Kimberly Guerra

    Kimberly Kim Guerra 

    Science Department Chair, Environmental Science Teacher, CAS Coordinator
    617-267-4530 x 174
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  • Photo of Simon Huynh

    Simon Huynh 

    Mathematics Teacher
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  • Photo of Jeffrey Iwanicki

    Jeffrey Jeff Iwanicki 

    Director of Technology, Film Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 140
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  • Photo of Jackson Johnson

    Jackson Johnson 

    AAA Basketball Head Coach, Residential Faculty
  • Photo of Gus King

    Gus King 

    Admissions Associate
    617-267-4530 x 112
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  • Photo of Clinton Kinkade

    Clinton Kinkade 

    Latin Teacher
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  • Photo of David Korb

    David Korb 

    Associate Director of Admission and College Advisor
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  • Photo of Moss Lynch

    Moss Lynch 

    Director of Development and Community Outreach
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  • Photo of Sara Matson

    Sara Matson 

    English Teacher, Personal Project Coordinator
    617-267-4530 x 144
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  • Photo of Mark Maysky

    Mark Maysky 

    French and Humanities Teacher
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  • Photo of Nick McNamara

    Nick McNamara 

    English Teacher
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  • Photo of Brad Meeder

    Brad Meeder 

    Mathematics Teacher
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  • Photo of Carol Millard

    Carol Millard 

    Arts Department Chair, Music Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 145
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  • Photo of Lynne Minchello

    Lynne Minchello 

    Director of Marketing and Communications
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  • Photo of Patrick Morelli

    Patrick Morelli 

    Chemistry and Biology Teacher, Residential Faculty
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  • Photo of Kate Nagle

    Kate Nagle 

    Assistant Director of Admission
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  • Photo of Cameron Naimi

    Cameron Cam Naimi 

    Mathematics Department Chair, Mathematics Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 168
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  • Photo of Marta O'Malley

    Marta O'Malley 

    School Business Manager
    617-267-4530 x 113
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  • Photo of Daniel Ohman

    Daniel Ohman 

    Accreditation Coordinator and School Archivist
    617-267-4530 x 119
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  • Photo of Rachel Ollagnon

    Rachel Ollagnon 

    Theatre Director, DP Coordinator, Grade 11-12 Dean
    617-267-4530 x 123
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  • Photo of Julianne Papetsas

    Julianne Papetsas 

    English Department Chair, Yearbook Advisor
    617-267-4530 x 160
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  • Photo of Thomas Patton

    Thomas Patton 

    Biology Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 134
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  • Photo of David Pedreschi

    David Pedreschi 

    Assistant Director of Student Success
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  • Photo of Julie Porrazzo

    Julie Porrazzo 

    Assistant Head of School
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  • Photo of Laura Poulin

    Laura Poulin 

    Physics Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 150
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  • Photo of Collin Richardson

    Collin Richardson 

    Director of Athletics and Student Activities, Assistant School Business Manager
    617-267-4530 x 166
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  • Photo of Maria Rodrigo Sanz

    Maria Rodrigo Sanz 

    Spanish Teacher
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  • Photo of Thierry Romain

    Thierry Romain 

    Mathematics Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 149
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  • Photo of Sarah Rothmann

    Sarah Rothmann 

    English Teacher, College Advisor
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  • Photo of Christine Saunders

    Christine Saunders 

    Mathematics Teacher, College Advisor
    617-267-4530 x 172
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  • Photo of Gayle Schafer

    Gayle Schafer 

    Director of College Counseling
    617-267-4530 x 126
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  • Photo of Hannah Schafer

    Hannah Schafer 

    Student Success Specialist, Grade 7-8 Dean
    617-267-4530 x 161
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  • Photo of Michael Schafer

    Michael Schafer 

    Head of School
    617-267-4530 x 114
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  • Photo of Samantha Schultz

    Samantha Schultz 

    Design and Science Teacher, Residential Faculty
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  • Photo of Chandra Singaram

    Chandra Singaram 

    Office Manager
    617-267-4530 x 110
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  • Photo of Anthony Vitali

    Anthony Vitali 

    Humanities Teacher
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  • Photo of Ezra Werb

    Ezra Werb 

    Director of Student Success
    617-267-4530 x 757
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  • Photo of Rebecca Witte

    Rebecca Witte 

    School Counselor
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  • Photo of Mark Zocco

    Mark Zocco 

    Humanities Teacher
    617-267-4530 x 135
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Newman provides opportunity for students from broadly diverse backgrounds to pursue serious studies in a welcoming and supportive environment where self and community are paramount.
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