Life At Newman

The Meaning Behind Our Motto

Founded in the spirit of Cardinal Newman, Newman continues to be guided by the motto he espoused: ‘Cor ad Cor loquitur’ or ‘Heart speaks to Heart’.

The expression derives from our strong belief that students are able to achieve their potential when they have the opportunity to pursue their studies in an environment that is characterized by mutual respect, seriousness of purpose, membership in a constructive community, and an awareness of personal and shared responsibility. All within a vibrant program of activities and sports provides students with opportunities for personal growth beyond the classroom.

Education That Develops the Whole Individual 

Within rigorous academics and motivated sports and activities, Newman students come to an atmosphere of lively discourse, congeniality and accomplishment.  We encourage independence and new ideas, of justice and decency.  Through our culture, students are able to more freely know and trust each other and themselves as they prepare for college and for their lives.

Heart Speaks to Heart

We live the motto every day. Our faculty work as a team, helping each individual student achieve his or her best self.  Our students are considerate, self-directed and motivated, forming friendships across grade levels that last a lifetime. Newman school students graduate confident and independent thinkers, well-prepared for college and careers, imbued with the insight, knowledge and sense of self that grounds them as they set their course for life.


In my experience, a sense of community can be hard to come by, whether it's at school, work, or even in a neighborhood. A community is knowing who the people around you are and being comfortable with them, and that's what being at Newman feels like.

 While I have a lot of great memories and stories from Newman, one of the strongest ones is announcing a fairly last-minute birthday party at school, and then later that night having roughly half of my graduating class show up to it. It was one of the happiest nights of my life.


Newman '07, University of Southern California '11


Newman Crew: A historical perspective by Nigel Gallaher (Head Coach)

Newman Crew provides the students with an opportunity to row on the Charles River out of the Community Rowing (CRI) Boathouse, one of the largest rowing facilities in the country with excellent rowing equipment. It provides the opportunity to develop rowing skills and fosters team spirit amongst the rowers.

Extended Essays- An impressive achievement by our IB Diploma Candidates

We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our International Baccalaureate Candidates as they approach the submission of their Extended Essays.

This is an essential component of the IB Diploma and these essays are a result of a  year long process of research, organization, revision and reflection.

Our Newman Community

Nurturing our "Heart speaks to Heart" community during social distancing. We look forward to holding these unique events in our amazing location, the city of Boston, throughout the year. We have a variety of events with all grades at Newman to build relationships and celebrate our community.