As with most independent schools, The Newman Fund is CRITICAL for supporting our general
operations and programming of academics, financial aid, scholarships, and activities.

The Newman Fund is our key vehicle to keep Newman affordable and accessible to all by
paying for:

  • Continued growth in our academic programs
  • Exciting development of our athletic and extracurricular activities
  • The maintenance of our wonderful historic buildings
  • The purchase of equipment for science, computer, music, and arts instruction
  • Helping to pay our hard-working Newman faculty competitive salaries

The Newman Fund allows for additional student enrichment outside of the classroom to ensure
all students can discover their independence and master their passions, in an affordable,
equitable, and comfortable learning environment. This critical support strengthens The Newman School and benefits every student, every faculty member, and all aspects of our programs.  

We are all active stakeholders who are promoting our mission, building our reputation, and
providing the resources to enhance the value of The Newman School education, and the
students’ degrees. Please consider making your gift today to The Newman Fund at