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International Applicants

STEP ONE:  Inquire! 

Submit our online Inquiry Form to begin the process of applying to The Newman School.

Inquiry Form

From the Current School:  

  • School transcripts from the last two years
  • Most recent report cards
  • Three recommendations: (Math, English, Administrator) 

From You (Parent/Guardian & Applicant):

  • Parent Statement: Brief description (1-2 paragraphs of your child's character as you see them and that might not be mentioned in the other recommendations)
  • Student Essay: Short writing sample of fiction or non-fiction showing the writing style and student's voice. It can be old (within the past semester) or new writing. No more than two pages please!
  • Interview: The interview occurs via Zoom and focuses on the applicant for 20-30 minutes and then the parent(s)/guardian(s) for 20 minutes. We sometimes ask for an impromptu writing sample from the student so please have two computers ready so that the student can write while we speak with the adults. You may schedule this session in your application checklist in the calendar listed "Admission Zoom Interview".


  • If your first language is not English, please see Step Four for the REQUIRED language assessment criteria.
  • If you take a standardized test, please see Step Four. However, it is NOT required for the 2022-23 school year application.   
  • If your child has an IEP/504 plan and/or a neuropsychological evaluation, please communicate this to our admission director to arrange a support evaluation with our school counselor and learning plan specialist. Please upload all documents into the checklist as additional documents.


Begin your application!

  1. Create a login through our website and school portal below and move through the application checklist.
  2. You must fill out the application form and pay the application fee in order to access the checklist.
    • The checklist includes all items listed above in the first two steps. You simply plug in the teacher emails for recommendations and transcripts and upload your personal writing samples and testing in the coordinating checklist items.
    • From here, you may also schedule a Zoom interview with admissions, sign up for a Zoom chat with admissions, schedule a walking tour, or join an open house.
    • Please be sure to remember your login information. If you are accepted to The Newman School, you will use this page to sign the contract and pay the deposit.

Begin Your Application

STEP FOUR: Upload Test Scores (into your application checklist)

REQUIRED: Results of ONE of the following English proficiency tests: CEFR, IELTS, Duolingo, TOEFL

The School recognizes that the student's strong personal motivation to succeed is the best indicator of academic success.

Recommended minimum English language proficiency scores are:

Entering Grade CEFR IELTS Duolingo TOEFL
9 B1 5 80 - 85 75 +
10 B1+ 5.5 85 - 90 80+
11 B1+, B2 6 95 - 100 85+
12 B2+, C1 6.5+ 105+


OPTIONAL: Register for an admission test.  If this is difficult due to COVID, we will be flexible.  Please contact us. Upload these scores into corresponding application checklist item.


STEP FIVE:  Financial Documentation

Instructions for Proof of Ability to Pay

Student certification of finance

Documentation needed in the summer before attending school:


The  Newman School has been enrolling International Students since 1948. The Admissions Office is available to assist you in the application  process . Newman enrolls qualified students throughout the school year.

Newman School students have strong personal motivation to succeed in their classes. They are expected to participate in the full life of the School Community by joining after school- activities, sports, clubs and Community Service programs.

Although the school offers support to those for whom English is a second language, classes are taught in English.

Students are expected to be no older than 19 years old at graduation.

The most important quality The Newman School seeks in its applicants is a strong desire to succeed.



My heart spoke, and they listened.

I chose Newman because it is ranked one of the best private schools in Boston - the mecca of education in the United States. The professors at Newman are very thoughtful and caring. They listened to my concerns regarding whatever joy or difficulty I have. They helped me become a better individual. In addition, Newman offered me a diverse community where I had a great time connecting with and learning from other students from all around the world.

Minh, Newman School, Cornell University 

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