Newman Curriculum

Students at Newman School can be assured of a robust and engaging academic journey, taking advantage of the opportunity to choose to graduate with a traditional high school diploma or with an International Baccalaureate degree. 

Those who choose to participate in the IB program may do so in one of three ways:

  • As an IB Diploma candidate.
  • As an IB Certificate candidate.
  • As a non-IB Course student.


Course Selection 

IB Diploma students choose from six subject areas:

Course Groups

Studies of Language and Literature
Language Acquisition
Individuals and Society
The Arts



The classes they choose are designed to work within each Diploma candidate’s Group Courses. This enables them to delve more deeply into independent investigations of subjects that most intrigue them. IB’s core classes require each student to take initiative and be pro-active for his/her own success.

Faculty are available to guide students, helping them develop effective academic strategies, but students are expected to direct their own learning, especially in preparing for presentations and writings.  All students work with their advisors and utilize teacher recommendations for their course selections.

IB Diploma Requirements- Additonal

IB’s Learner Profile

Students are encouraged to embrace the values inherent in IB’s curriculum. The Learner Profile presents a set of ideals that can position one for success and spiritual well being in our global village.

IB Profile

What to Expect

A student who decides to participate in the IB Program, as a Diploma candidate or as an IB Courses candidate, can expect to:

  • Be challenged to work hard to improve themselves
  • Approach tasks with a sense of purpose
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility
  • Learn from fellow students as well as teachers
  • Seek assistance, and give it, without hesitation
  • Be open to constructive feedback
  • View adversity and challenge as an opportunity
  • Share with, and contribute to, the community

IB students should expect to be educated, amused, excited, delighted, and at times, to be disappointed and frustrated. If the student has the motivation, an IB Diploma or Course Certificate is a realistic goal. Students learn to cope with adversity and understand the privilege of pressure.

Managing IB Learning

Newman utilizes IB’s database management system - Managebac. Students can manage their courses and communicate with their course instructors in one place.

Newman School Managebac Login

 I started my college career a step ahead of other members of my class in terms of independent work and organization.  This is how Newman helped me the most.  

The class size and structure gave me a huge advantage in college, where courses are a lot less structured and more research oriented. 

Newman ' 11
Babson University ' 15