Course Offerings

Students at Newman School benefit from a strong core curriculum of study that balances college preparatory subjects with a range of electives that satisfy their interests.  Classrooms encourage intellectual discourse and independent thinking, as students learn from each other in an atmosphere of diversity.

We offer a deeply experienced faculty with impeccable academic credentials who work to motivate and inspire students with an integrity of thought and a global perspective that will inform their college learning and prepare them for their lives ahead.


At Newman, learning relies not merely on the facts.  Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers, delving into subjects, applying this newfound knowledge into better understanding historical and current events. Those students pursuing a traditional high school diploma at Newman School benefit from the ability to take advantage of the school’s IB Diploma program.  They may register for individual IB courses and complete these worthwhile and interesting areas of study, including sitting for the culminating IB course exam. IB Diploma Course candidates all receive a Certificate that may help secure advanced placement credit at certain universities.


Students opting not to sit the IB Course exam may still undertake one or more IB Courses because of interest in the subject matter and the academic demands made by such subjects. Students gain experience and knowledge which will strengthen their ability to meet academic challenges at university.