Information for Incoming Students

Opening of School Schedule:

We are participating in Covid-19 best practices and will continue to follow CDC and the State of Massachusetts guidelines.  The dates of school opening are:

New Student Orietations: Thursday and Friday, August 26 & 27

First Day of Classes: Wednesday, September 1

Chandra Jambunathan - Front Office

Course Registration:

Administrators are currently working on course registrations. We have the course data for rising juniors and seniors in the Diploma Program. Please let us know if anything has changed. MYP students will be notified by an administrator about their course of study. 

Andrew Nagy- Dean of Studies, IB Coordinator  

International Students: 

International Student Page

Students can learn more through the link above.   More information will be sent in the coming weeks and summer months about placement testing, orientation information, and getting started at Newman. Students who are awaiting F1 visas are encouraged to monitor the status of their local US embassies. Any questions about an individual situation can be sent to Michael Pool, Director of International Student Advising.

International Student Links

Michael Pool- Dean of Students    Melissa Bacon- Director of Admission 

Current School Transcript:

Final transcripts can be sent from your school by August 1, 2020.

Chandra Jambunathan- Front Office

Permissions package and emergency forms:

The link will be sent on August 1, 2020.

Chandra Jambunathan- Front Office 

Medical Forms:

Will be uploaded through the Parent Portal.  Invitation to log-in will be sent in early August.

Chandra Jambunathan- Front Office 

Billing and Tuition:

Marta O’Malley- Business Manager

Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

Dress Code Guidelines- Modified for Covid 19

Will be published this summer.