IB Diploma Requirements

To graduate with an IB Diploma from Newman School, candidates must take a total of 6 IB courses, one from each of the groups below. At least 3 courses must be taken at the Higher Level (HL).

Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Action and Service and Extended Essay are all designed to feed off a Diploma Candidate’s GroupCourses, allowing for greater depth of independent student investigations into facets of subjects that most intrigue them.

Core Requirements Foundations for Success

The core classes require student initiative and pro-activeness for success. Advisors are available for guidance, but students must commandeer their own plans, presentations and writings, charting their course into the sea of intellectual and experiential opportunity.

Group 1:

Language A1
Native Language (HL,SL)

Group 2:

Second Language
Spanish A2, Spanish B (SL)
French B (SL)
English B (SL)

Group 3:

Individuals and Society
History (HL,SL)
Environmental Systems(SL)

Group 4:

Experimental Sciences
Biology (SL,HL)
Chemistry (SL, HL)
IB Physics (HL )
Environmental Systems (SL)

Group 5:

Mathematics and Computer Science
Math Studies (SL)
Mathematics (SL,HL)

Group 6:

The Arts
Visual Arts (HL) or, another course chosen from Groups 2-5 elective.

In addition, IB Diploma candidates must meet the requirements for Theory of Knowledge (TOC), the Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

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