An IB Diploma

The Newman School’s IB Diploma program provides a thorough education in a broad range of subject areas. The program aims to enhance each student’s international perspective and awareness of our common humanity; to encourage a sense of social and individual responsibility; and supply each student with the tools essential for success in higher education and beyond.

The IB Diploma program allows students the freedom to pursue their own needs and interests within a liberal arts style framework. It is both a structured program

that offers a strong general education, and a flexible program that acknowledges the particular interests of the students.

IB Diploma Options

The Newman School’s two-year Diploma program provides an opportunity for a greater breadth and depth of academic study than a general diploma option.  Generally, higher-level subjects reflect a student's area of special interest. Standard level subjects complement the higher-level choices, but do not generally require the same degree of specialized knowledge and understanding.

Our two-year Diploma program is structured within the context of a traditional high school diploma program, with three additional program elements: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and participation in the CAS Program.

What IB Students Can Expect


IB year 1 is a challenging time in which workloads increase and good time management is a prized attribute. Balancing activities is key to success while facing challenges with composure and positivity allows for a healthy perspective. IB’s well-rounded curriculum gives students a wonderful opportunity to find their passions and develop them into life long pursuits.


The penultimate experience of an IB student occurs in May during their final exams. The exams represent the culmination of all the diligent studying completed in the four semesters of Group courses. Exams are rigorous, preparing students for exam conditions they may encounter in university and professional arenas.