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Newman Community Agreement

As a condition of enrollment at Newman, please indicate your understanding and agreement with the following by answering each question. We encourage students and their families to commit to these agreements together:

I agree to regularly monitor my Newman email account, website and other communications on a daily basis for official health and safety information and guidance. I understand that it is our (my) responsibility to be familiar with the information that Newman sends to me. I recognize that all updates will also be posted to the Newman website, which I will check regularly to ensure I have the most current information on COVID-19.

I have reviewed the Newman website, where updated requirements will be posted if public health guidance changes, and the summary of Newman requirements describing the actions students will be expected to take to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. I certify that I understand the protocols. I agree to comply with the protocols including, but not limited to,

COVID-19 viral testing; personal protection equipment including masks; daily symptom screening and/or reporting through the app; good hand and respiratory hygiene practices; physical distancing requirements, directives on the use of common spaces including hallways and doors; guest and travel policies, and contact tracing protocols, physical distancing protocols, and quarantine requirements. I have reviewed the summary of these requirements posted on the Newman School website and confirm I will observe these and any other campus policy related to COVID-19. *

I have reviewed the summary of the Student Handbook addendum as applied to COVID-19 and understand that my failure to comply with Newman, policies, and instructions related to COVID-19 may result in disciplinary action. I acknowledge that serious disregard for these protocols, policies, and instructions may result in my immediate move to on-line participation only. I understand that the protocols cannot guarantee prevention of COVID-19 transmission, and I understand my compliance with the protocols does not guarantee I will be completely shielded from COVID-19.

I recognize that I may be exposed to potential risks including, but not limited to, sickness, isolation, quarantine, disruption of the academic term, public health directives, or other risks that may not be foreseeable. I understand that Newman is not responsible for matters that are beyond its control. I find Newman’s COVID-19 transmission mitigation plan to be acceptable. I assume responsibility for managing my own health and safety by complying with the Newman protocols.

I understand that if Newman learns that I am experiencing serious health problems, have suffered an injury, have tested positive for COVID-19, or am otherwise in a situation that raises significant health and safety concerns to myself or others that Newman will contact my parents, guardians, any other person who I have provided as my emergency contact.

Signature Section

We (I) fully understand this Agreement and voluntarily agree to comply with it.