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International Applicants

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your interest in Newman School Admissions.  Given the guidelines from the City of Boston and from the State of Massachusetts, we will not be hosting school visits on campus until further notice.  

We are grateful for your interest in our school.  We are happy to respond to your  inquiries and  conduct online interviews with prospective families, admission candidates and educational consultants .

We understand that it might be difficult to obtain school transcripts and teacher recommendations given the closure of many schools worldwide.

We will continue to accept applications  throughout the spring and early summer and will make necessary accommodations to those students who are unable to take Language Proficiency tests .

We understand that  embassy closings may  delay the visa process.

We want to reassure our international applicants that we will accommodate their possible late arrival to school  this fall. Students arriving after September 9th will have a  customized Orientation and  will be connected to our online platform so their classes are not interrupted by  late arrival to campus.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at

The  Newman School has been enrolling International Students since 1948. The Admissions Office is available to assist you in the application  process . Newman enrolls qualified students throughout the school year.

Newman School students have strong personal motivation to succeed in their classes. They are expected to participate in the full life of the School Community by joining after school- activities, sports, clubs and Community Service programs.

Although the school offers support to those for whom English is a second language, classes are taught in English.

Students are expected to be no older than 19 years old at graduation.

The most important quality The Newman School seeks in its applicants is a strong desire to succeed.


How To Apply to The Newman School

 Here is a list of what you must provide: 

1. A completed application:
Online Application(Gateway) or  Ravenna  or Use our paper Application
(If you would like a paper copy of the application please contact admissions.) 

2. $300.00 application fee - pay by wire or credit card

3. Results of ONE of the following English proficiency tests: TOEFLTOEFL Jr., IELTS, CEFR

The School recognizes that the student's strong personal motivation to succeed is the best indicator of academic success.

Recommended minimum English language proficiency scores are:

9 B1 5 730-780 50 +
10 B1+ 5.5 785-840 57+
11 B1+, B2 6 845-900 65+
12 B2+, C1 6.5 N/A


4. Academic record (for the last two years)

5. Character reference letter from an official at current school

6. A Skype interview:  Required for all applicants. Appointments can be made here.

7. Financial Documentation  

8. Immunization and Health Records 

9.   Proof of Insurance  (prior to your first day of school)

Students are required to show proof of health insurance. For international students we offer suggestions of the following companies:

Betins International Health and Travel Insurance; Seven CornersISM


My heart spoke, and they listened

I chose Newman because it is ranked one of the best private schools in Boston - the mecca of education in the United States. The professors at Newman are very thoughtful and caring. They listened to my concerns regarding whatever joy or difficulty I have. They helped me become a better individual. In addition, Newman offered me a diverse community where I had a great time connecting with and learning from other students from all around the world.

Minh, Newman '10, Cornell University '14

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