Roles and Responsibilities at Newman


  • Establish clear communication channels to all constituencies 
  • Provide ongoing updates to families and faculty/staff
  • Support all constituents in shifting to our continuing learning plan
  • Provide guidance, models, and/or examples of strong distance learning units, lessons, feedback, and projects

Academic Teachers

  • Collaborate with other members of team and department, as appropriate, to design distance learning instruction for students (see later section for more details)
  • Foster a sense of community and connectedness between and among students --Provide students with timely communication and feedback
  • Take attendance, record absences, maintain student files
  • Create assessments that allow for the ability to gauge student progress during distance learning
  • Create ways to continue to collect information and provide feedback that will allow for grades to be reported for report cards/transcripts

College Advising Office

  • Support seniors through the admissions process, including advising and responding to questions from students and parents, making calls to college admissions offices, etc.
  • Guide juniors on researching college options, directing students to online resources, advising on financial aid, offering advice on standardized testing, academic courses, and extracurricular activities
  • Stay in close communication with the Academic Dean
  • Ensure that senior transcripts are sent to colleges
  • Monitor availability of SAT and ACT for all students

School Registrar

  • Support the teaching faculty and administration to ensure that the academic calendar is being followed
  • Ensure that attendance, student grades and teacher comments are properly entered
  • Issue report cards in accordance with the School academic calendar
  • Assist College Advising with the issuance of transcripts to colleges

School Counselor

  • Provide faculty/staff advisors and families resources to help them guide students during this time
  • Monitor the wellness of students and family and provide interventions or resources as needed
  • Be accessible to all community members
  • Proactively send community-wide tips, strategies, and updates to support health and wellness

Technology Staff

  • Offer group and individual sessions for live meetings and continued implementation of learning management systems.
  • Be available for all faculty, staff, and students to provide as-needed support
  • Continually monitor the needs of faculty/staff and students and provide ideas, inspiration, and troubleshooting support