How will Newman ensure that my student is continuing to learn? 

Teachers have been working closely with the Academic Dean and Department Chairs to develop lesson plans using online platforms and digital resources to ensure continuity of learning for students. Students will continue to be engaged with their teachers through a range of methods, including ManageBac, Kognity, videos, online discussions, email, and phone communication, depending on the situation. Teachers, the Academic Departments, and staff will be available to communicate with students and parents on an ongoing and regular basis during a campus closure to ensure that individual student learning needs are met. As always, Advisors are the first point of contact for general issues.

How will my student be graded? Will my student earn credits towards graduation? 

All students will continue to earn letter and MYP assessment grades for their school work. Teachers will ensure that meaningful learning is taking place and use a range of approaches to assess student learning and determine student grades. Grades and MYP assessments will be entered into report cards and on official academic transcripts, adhering to the academic calendar deadlines and schedule. Under unusual circumstances, Newman may adjust the academic calendar. Faculty are fully aware that adjustments to time sensitive assessments will remain flexible.

Students will also be given a weekly “engagement grade” in each class which will be a formative assessment of the student’s attendance, participation, and regular engagement in course material/projects/assignments, etc.

To that end, Newman students are of course expected to continue to adhere to the Newman Academic Honesty Policy (see page 13 in the Newman Student and Family Handbook 19-20). Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and students will receive failing grades for any work that is found to not be their own.

What resources are available to my student if they begin to face challenges with learning? 

Your student’s teacher is the first resource if they face learning difficulties. Teachers will make themselves available to speak with students and their parents directly as well as providing one-on-one support by Zoom, Google Meet, or phone. If your student begins to struggle with learning, please reach out to their teacher and advisor so we can put additional support in place. Teachers and Advisors will remain in frequent contact about individual student issues.

My student is becoming extremely anxious about the situation that has led to the campus closure.  What resources does Newman have to support us? 

Students who experience heightened anxiety should consult with their pediatricians and/or psychologists. Our school counselor can offer referrals to parents and can coordinate with outside providers. During a campus closure, parents and guardians should monitor students’ mental health and seek outside support as needed.

Prolonged screen time is challenging for my student and I fear distance learning will make it difficult for them to learn. What support can Newman provide? 

Not all distance learning is dependent on extended periods of screen time. Students will continue to be assigned work that will need to be completed without screens, including reading, writing, solving math problems, and hands-on projects. Teachers will be mindful of overdependence on screen use when creating assignments. Please reach out to your student’s advisor if you observe your student having difficulties focusing due to increased screen time.

My student is not feeling well and is not able to engage in learning. Is there a way to report an“excused absence” so they won’t be penalized for not engaging in distance learning? 

If your student becomes ill while Newman is using a distance-learning approach, use the established protocol for reporting your child’s “absence”. For parents please email Chandra Singaram. Their teacher will work with the student and with you to ensure that they are able to make up any missed work and provide necessary extensions for assignment deadlines.