Visual Arts-

Humans and Nature- IB Visual Arts Winter Exhibit

Our exhibition intends to explore conflicting views on the relation between humans and nature. Some artists focused on the harmonious coexistence of human innovation and the graceful simplicity of nature. With their works, viewers can appreciate the utopian relationship of humankind and nature. Other artists challenged the accuracy of this utopia and considered the probability of a dystopian reality. These artists explored an apocalyptic world where both nature and humans do not live in harmony, a reality where the indulgence in one’s luxury means destroying the other.

-IBVA class of 2022

"Untitled"- Berlinda '22

First page of the PDF file: untitled

It’s laborious to sympathize with something we don’t identify with. In the painting, there’s a naked woman with no facial features. Her limbs are bound by vines and it leaves her helpless to her circumstances. Stripped of her identity, she becomes a numb and submissive representation of humankind. My intention with this piece is to expose the viewer to the gruesome treatment humanity subjects Mother Nature to, a feeling which we have failed to recognize because it doesn’t immediately affect us.

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas.


Each artist kept the color scheme consistent with shades of yellow and red. Cooler colors like green and blue provide balance against the warmer shades. These colors not only have a strong visual impact, but they help develop ideas on the gentle yet fierce grace of nature. Artists in this exhibition want the audience to weigh how they themselves interact with nature and how that correlates to the ideas displayed in the artworks. With the conflicting views on the coexistence of humans and nature, they impose in the audience a question on which to ponder: Could innovation and nature maintain a harmonious relationship?

"nature's rampage"- alex '22

A timeline in which Mother Nature has overthrown humanity. Man made creations get broken down while vegitation flourishes.

Acrylic painting.


Moon Light and Flower Sea- William '22

Moon Light and Flower Sea is a celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the second most important festival in the Chinese culture. It coincides with the Fall harvest, the union of people and nature. This festival celebrates the Moon and Sun merging. Thus, it celebrates reunion, family, and rebirth. The bicycle and The swing represents this rebirth, a return to childhood. The Moon itself is red (like the setting Sun), thus representing both astral bodies and their reunion in one entity.

Pencil, colored pencil and paint on paper.

"Cartoon Penguins"- Paulo '22

I decided to use photography making use of the snow as a backdrop to draw/include some sort of digital element interacting with the photo’s environment over top of it. A picture taken in the park as a backdrop of the penguins, then draw the playful penguins. I made the penguins very cartoon-ish and had them playfully interact with each other since a playful nature is often an inherent trait we share with nearly all animals, especially at a young age. Overall I just wished to make a happy and fun image using photography as well as digital aspects.

Photography and digital


The artists displayed in the exhibition focused on acrylic paint and photography with accents of spray paint and digital mediums. Within the two defined views, the artists bring forth different focuses. For example, Berlinda Alfred’s painting concentrates on humanity’s destruction through the wreckage of the woman’s body. Alex Holland focuses on the downfall of human creations through the corrosion of a cityscape. On the other hand, Hannah Wilcox and Paulo Jans show the harmonious relationship between nature and humans through physical partnerships of human-made objects and natural living organisms. By illustrating how humans interact with nature, the artists shed light on the viewer’s opinion and encourage new connections.

"The Tininess of Humans"-

Chenxin (Emily) '22

This painting mainly wants to express the tininess of human beings in front of Mother Nature. The bird is the most beautiful and free representative of nature. The house is representative of humans, it is the embodiment of human wisdom, but also the contribution of trees. Houses can be made very tall and big, but when confronted with a forest, it is not worth mentioning.

Acrylic on Canvas


"Untitled"- Hannah '22

With the theme of humans and nature I wanted to show how people work together with nature. And furthermore how humans often try to incorporate nature into their homes, like in their gardens or what I chose to show, window boxes.

Acrylic on Canvas