School Opening 2020- Policies and Procedures

We are confident in our approach to the 2020-21 academic year as we respond to COVID-19.  The plan is guided by three core principles:  the health and safety of our community, preserving Newman’s transformative in-person learning experience, and facilitating student social growth and personal development through co-curricular experiences.   The plan to return to 245-7 Marlborough Street was developed over the past several months in partnership with our faculty, staff, student volunteers, parent’s council members, and in consultation with medical professionals and health specialists.  We all recognize there is no way to ensure zero risk. Newman is committing significant resources to ensure the health and safety of the community, deliver the highest quality education, and provide enrichment activities that create the Newman experience. We look forward to students, faculty and staff returning to the Back Bay.


We have made adjustments to our calendar, daily schedule and classroom and space uses to allow for physical distancing.  All classes will be interactive so that students who are unable to attend in person will be able to be “present” and involved from anywhere in the world.  All classes will be recorded so that students who are unable to attend “in time” and those who wish to review classes can access them through the school’s portal.

  • The school day is divided into MYP and DP cohorts.
  • Classes are no larger than 10.
  • Physical distancing will be strictly adhered to.
  • Masks are required for everyone in the building.
  • Rotating block schedule reduces students' exposure to large groups.
  • Upgraded classroom technology for improved online experience.

Health and Safety

The plan includes a “community-wide social compact” that requires frequent, active, ongoing health assessment (daily health self-assessments, required testing program for all students, faculty, and staff, contact tracing, and in some cases, requirements for quarantine).  
Prevention and mitigation efforts will require face coverings, social distancing, personal protective equipment, accommodations for high-risk individuals, and limited campus access.  

Newman School Opening Parent Communication

CDC School Decision Tree

Newman Testing Policy

  • Daily Covid question tracking
  • Regular temperature checks.
  • Faculty professional development for managing student re-entry.
  • Enhanced Advisory model for daily check-ins and student support.
  • Daily "Mood-Meter" update.
  • Upgraded HVAC equipment and installation of UVC lighting throughout building.
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed.

School Life

We have enhanced our medical and mental health support and are in the process of retooling our advisory, home room and pastoral care programs as well as our Community, Action and Service (CAS) programs on and off campus.

  • Students will participate in academic classes only for the first two weeks.
  • We will not be able to accommodate lunch in the building for the first two weeks.
  • Students will be greeted on Marlborough Street for a Covid check-in.  Arrival times will be staggered and pre-determined.
  • After check-in, students will proceed to their homeroom for their daily advisory.
  • The School is open to students and staff only.