Winter Alert Protocols

It's hard to believe we are entering the winter season again.  In addition to last minute school adjustments to Covid 19, we also need to be prepared for mother nature and snow days!

The Newman School will notify families about weather delays in several ways:

  • OneCall-We subscribe to OneCall- we will send and message and a text to all the student and parent emails we have.
  • Website- We will have a Pop-up with the schedule change for everyone who lands on our webpage
  • Email- We will send an email to all students and parents with any schedule changes.
  • Local TV & Radio- All local channels and WBZ AM 1030.

Covid Schedule changes will be send to students and families through

  • Newman System Emails
  • Managebac
  • Website- Parent Portal will be updated.

** Covid Reminder- We are asking students to get us proof of a negative Covid test prior to returning to in-person classes on January 11.  The test should be taken after January 1.  Please send information to

Also: If you have not done so please fill out the Making Caring Common Survey:

Click Here