"Wartime Aide" Chapter founded and run by Newman students

"Wartime Aide" Chapter founded and run by Newman students

Wartime Aide

Wartime Aide, founded by a Newman School student, Sam '22 focuses on educating high schoolers about refugee issues.

Wartime Aide was founded by a Sam, Newman School Class of '21.  He set out to sponsor and support refugee students coming to the United States. The group fundraised to meet this goal and even sponsored a refugee who attended The Newman School.  Sam talks about when they realized they were not fully equipped to sponsor refugees on a large scale.

"We came to study and appreciate the complexity of refugee issues. Therefore, we shifted our mission to educate the public and high schoolers about refugee issues. We have a podcast called The Refugee Report where we explain different refugee crises, refugee issues, and interview those who have worked with refugees (here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/show/2tyrhVAUv06daJI8X4mGfA). We are also working on a Tik Tok campaign in which we make short videos about refugee issues. 

Prior to the pandemic, we also had a chapter program in which a high school chapter would be given a discussion guide and video about a refugee issue."

Sam '21, Founder and President, Charles '21, Vice President and Harper '22, Secretary.

For more information about our mission click here.