National History Day

Newman students participate in the nationwide competition while developing the IB pillars of becoming knowledgable, inquisitive thinkers

Congratulations for honorable mention:

Alissa '25, Xavier '23 and Jonathan '23

For the sixth straight year, Newman students have participated in the National History Day competition.  Students in 8th, 9th and 10th grade Humanities researched a topic of their own choosing and produced websites or videos base on their research. Several groups advanced to the state wide competition, held March 19th.  National History day allows Newman history students to participate in a nationwide completion and also reflects the IB philosophy by helping to form knowledgable, inquisitive and communicative thinkers.

This year’s NHD theme was Communication: The Key to Understanding History.   Some of this years titles include:

"Communicating Dissent: The Life and Career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,"

"Miscommunication and the Roots of the Cuban Missile Crisis",

"Secret Communications: The Navajo Code Talkers" and "The Codebreakers of Betchley Park.”