Extended Essays- An impressive achievement by our IB Diploma Candidates



Our Senior IB Diploma Program students are preparing to submit their 3500-4000 word drafts of the Extended Essays. This is an essential component of the IB Diploma.  These essays are a result of a nearly year long process of researching their topics, organizing their writing roadmaps, communicating with their faculty supervisors, revising their drafts and reflecting on the process.

At this point in the Extended Essay journey, the essays have been carefully nurtured and many are ready to submit to the International Baccalaureate organization. The last stages of the process involve a "viva voce," in which the DP student meets with their supervisor for one last meeting and some final feedback. 

After the "viva voce," students complete their final reflective writing on the process, make some final tweaks and prepare to submit to the IB for external examination - the IB examiner could be located on the other side of the globe!

Research Topics from Newman students have included:

Topic: The role of women in business in the US

How has the role of US women in small businesses evolved from the 1900-2000?

 Post-WWII development of neoliberal thoughts in Japan and its overall effect on the economy.

How did the development of neoliberal views alter the Japanese market structure and its industrial organization after WWII?

Topic: traditional Chinese paper cutting and its history of development

 To what extent was the Chinese culture demonstrated on the development of paper cutting?

 Trickle Down Economics

 How did the 'Bush Tax Cuts' create greater economic inequality in the United States?

Topic: Korean Religion

To what extent do the changes from Korean paintings during the Joseon Dynasty to modern Korean paintings suggest about the shifting nature of religion in Korea?