Excellent Results for Newman IB Diploma Students!

Excellent Results for Newman IB Diploma Students!

Congratulations to all the students and faculty who worked so hard for our students' success on the IB Diploma Program May exams!

Newman's IB Diploma pProgram provides a thorough education in a broad range of six different subject areas along with Core disciplines. The program aims to enhance each student’s international perspective and awareness of our common humanity; to encourage a sense of social and individual responsibility; and supply each student with the tools essential for success in higher education and beyond. The IB is the ultimate preparation for the multimodal requirements of the work place in the  21st century.

Due to Covid, the International Baccalaureate did not requiremandate students to  take in-person exams, however Newman chose to administer them in person. Our students showed their incredible resilience in May during the exam period.

iWhether opting for the non-exam route or sitting the exams, students showed great resilience in completing all the required internal assessments and preparing assiduously for the subject specific papers.

The scores are out and they are extremely impressive:

  • 21 out of 23 diploma candidates received their diploma.

  • 91% success rate of diploma candidates

  • High score of a 39, with two 38s, a 36

  • School average over 30of 32 points. for the students who attained the Diploma


Once again, congratulations to all - this is a proud day for our school and students!

Happy summer!