Community Service clubs warm hearts this winter

The Charity Events club and Doorstep Donation clubs have been active reaching out to communities who need support.

Doorstep Donations is a nonprofit organization committed to serving underprivileged and food-insecure families. There are schools all over the U.S. encouraging donors to easily give nonperishable food on a recurring basis, and we brought the program to Newman.

Food pantries need immediate assistance. There is a 60% increase in the number of people seeking help from food pantries. These pantries are running out of food. The Doorstep Donations Bag Program can stock pantries’ shelves with much needed nonperishable items, an efficient and sustainable model that bridges the gap between food pantries and donors.

Newman Community members are encouraged to donate or help with pick-ups.  All proceeds will go to the Brookline Food Bank.

Letters of LoveThe Charity Events club has been working to organize a letter-writing activity for the students to participate in.  The activity asks students to write thoughtful and genuine letters of support to the elderly, who have maybe felt more isolated than most amidst the pandemic. 

Once all the letters have been collected, the Charity Events team with the help of Mrs. Saunders, will send them to Letters of Love to be distributed across the globe to the elders that will receive our heartfelt words. 


This is the link to the Letters of Love information site-