Newman's own Mayor Walsh '86 nominated as next Secretary of Labor

Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh ‘86 was nominated on January 7, 2021 by President-elect Joseph Biden to join his cabinet as next US Secretary of Labor.   The son of immigrants, Mayor Walsh grew up in Dorchester.  He  battled cancer through his childhood which presented many challenges for him in school. When Mayor Walsh arrived at the Newman School he was struggling academically. But, as he shared at the Newman Scholarship Fundraiser on April 22, 2019 “it was the Newman School experience – and particularly the teachers” – that helped him find and nurture his academic strengths. Mayor Walsh described his time at the Newman School as “a critical part of his journey”.  

At our event, Mayor Walsh spoke about his own educational experience at Newman, particularly the impact Mrs. Donovan had on him in English class. Walsh was an official of the Laborers Union and secretary treasurer for the Boston Building Trades Council.  He was a State representative from 1997-2014.  He was elected as the Mayor of Boston in November of 2013 and is currently in his second term.