Introducing Boarding at Newman!

Newman students now have the option to live around the corner from our cozy Marlborough brownstones in the Back Bay and have a full boarding experience in the heart of Boston.  Students are surrounded by art, innovation, culture, recreation and the nation’s top colleges and universities.

The accommodations are designed specifically for Newman students to provide a safe and comfortable home that allows them to fully realize their Boston educational experience

This opportunity allows students who live across the world or outside the city to experience our “Heart Speaks to Heart” Community values daily, through our full boarding experience.

  • Positive community experience
  • Appreciate our esteemed neighborhood in Boston.
  • City is our campus and home.
  • Robust weekend programming.
  • Access to the vast resources of Boston
  • Small settings, students are known.
  • Personal attention from faculty, homework help in the dorm.
  • Positive relationships with peers and teachers.

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For more information, please contact Melissa Bacon: