Black History Month Explorations at Newman

Newman is celebrating Black History Month in our classrooms through academic investigations, art, music, and poetry ...

  • 11th grade English students will analyze Kendrick Lamar's DAMN, examining how Lamar's lyricism, production, and music videos develop layers of meaning about modern Black American experience.
  • French students will be learning about Joséphine Baker, and the reading the poetry of Léopold Senghor.
  • English-Humanities Interdisciplinary unit will focus on Transcendentalism and the Anti-Slavery Movement.  
  • 7th grade Early American unit will read Phillis Wheatley poems and discuss how she was ostracized by our founding fathers who couldn’t believe an African born slave could be literate.
  • The Harlem Renaissance will be studied by 10th graders as they investigate art, music and cultural influences of the 1920s.

Students and faculty will explore together the history, influence and contributions of Black culture in the United States.