The Newman School Distance Learning Approach

We all recognize that distance learning cannot replicate the kind of learning experience that takes place in a dynamic and inspiring school environment where talented teachers and motivated students engage through personal, daily contact and discussion. 

However, when such an experience is not possible, there are many alternative and effective approaches available to our teachers in order to continue instruction and to engage students in meaningful learning. 

In a distance learning mode, teachers make use of a range of technological tools and online platforms. Our goal is to use digital tools that our community is already accustomed to, although there may be an additional application or two needed to supplement distance learning. We will select these additional resources with care, with an eye toward their ease of use, and widespread availability and access on a global basis. Students continue to engage in learning by reading a range of texts and materials designed to develop critical reading skills as well as provide content knowledge in specific subject areas. Students also continue to develop math skills by solving problems on paper as well as using online platforms to submit work and receive feedback. While not an exact substitute for classroom learning, teachers can maintain productive and developmentally appropriate lessons using a broad range of resources, approaches, and methodologies.



**This document has been adapted with gracious permission of The Sidwell Friends School.