Student and Families

All students are expected to participate in distance learning. Any learning activities or assessment not completed will need to be worked on outside of the scheduled time. Parents of students who are unable to participate in distance learning for a given period of time should notify Newman as they would for any school absence.

Student Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish a daily routine for your schoolwork.
  • Find a comfortable, distraction-free place in your home where you can work.
  • Check email and ManageBac each day to learn about the expectations for your work for each class during the day.
  • Perform tasks as outlined by teachers and seek clarification from teachers on any assignments where they need it. 
  • Follow the Academic Honesty Policy at all times regarding the integrity of their work and acceptable use policies.
  • Follow the norms of communication online as have been set out by their teacher for a given class in school.
  • For “live” class meetings, students will log in to real-time (synchronous) video services designated by your teacher (Zoom / Google Meets) when classes are scheduled for dialogue with teachers and members of your class.
  • Put forth your best effort and communicate with your teachers whenever you have academic questions or if you believe you are not meeting class expectations.
  • Communicate with classroom teachers, or your advisor if you need any support.