Family Roles and Responsibilities

As we are preparing for the learning that will happen from home, we ask that families play a role in ensuring that their children engage in meaningful learning and reach out proactively should they run into any challenges.

  • Establish routines and expectations for your child.
  • Establish a beginning and end-of-day check-in with your child.
  • Help them create a comfortable, distraction-free place to work.
  • Help ensure that your student is checking email and assignments daily.
  • Monitor communications from Newman.
  • Help your student to plan out their work for the day and check in to keep them focused and on task.
  • Establish clear expectations that your student’s work must be their own and that they should abide by the Newman Academic Honesty Policy.
  • Encourage your student to stay connected to friends, both through talking about academic work and questions and also in other ways.
  • Provide opportunities for your student to find time in the day to engage in physical activity.
  • Be mindful of your student’s physical and emotional health.
  • Reach out to appropriate Newman faculty and staff as needed.
  • Monitor your student’s screen time and help them build in breaks.
  • Think about ways to relax or take breaks that do not involve screens.
  • Be a calm, non-anxious presence for your student.
  • Be a supportive partner of teachers and Newman.
  • Remind students that they should not expect to spend significantly more or less time on their studies.
  • Attention to academic studies should remain as high as when students are at school.



For questions about a lesson or assignment contact your child’s teacher (but encourage your child to be the first point of contact with their teacher)

For questions about a technology problem contact  Director of Technology, Jeff Iwanicki

For questions about a social-emotional problem that your child is encountering contact School Counselor, Jill Foley (please note there may be limits to the type of assistance provided in an online environment)

For any other questions contact your student’s Advisor or the Academic Dean, Andrew Nagy